Menlo Security Production SSL Inspection Root CA Certificate

Rich Nessel
Rich Nessel
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The Menlo Security Production SSL Inspection Root CA Certificate is attached to this article. This certificate is required to use the Web Isolation Service SSL Inspection capability.

Menlo Security does not provide customer specific SSL Inspection Root CA Certificates or facilitate requests for inspection certificates with specific expiry dates.

Note:  Please do not confuse this certificate with the Intermediate Certificate.  This certificate has to be installed into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

  1. Click the Certificate icon or link to download
  2. Save file and note location
  3. If you are using Windows or Macintosh, double-click on the certificate
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen 
  5. Note the Certificate Fingerprint, for validation on import
    • Expires: November 9, 2025
    • SHA1 Fingerprint: 72 77 74 52 B7 3D 35 96 59 A7 EF 31 5F CA 10 4E 64 7C B0 67
    • MD5 Fingerprint: C4 C6 EF 23 31 C1 19 6F EC 03 43 7A 79 B6 EE D0

Applies to: Cloud 
Version Information: 2.xx.x
Date Updated: January 2023

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